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Yippee Ki Yay

Yippee ki yay! Calling all country music fans! Nashville is the place to be if you like country music. I recently went there on a trip with my mom's group of 30 years and we had a blast.

Here are some musts if you plan to visit:

1. Grand Ole Opry

It is the longest running live radio show in the country. There are different artists every show who only sing a couple of songs. Vince Gill performed the night we were there. We had a backstage tour after the show during which I sang on the Grand Ole Opry stage. The tour leader did push us off the stage, but at least I got to debut. (Full disclosure—one of the ladies in our group started singing on stage and I joined her so, technically, we both debuted.)

2. Music City Rollin' Jamboree

This was a bus tour of the city with a comedy show included. My gut hurt I was laughing so hard. Be warned, the people on the bus are the subject of the entertainer's humor.

3. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

You take a listening tour from the roots of country music to the most famous stars of today. It was super interesting. They have a couple of Elvis's cars which he tricked out in a weird way.

Some Tips: Nashville is a beer and whiskey town, so if you like to drink good wine, bring your own. Don't go if you don't like country music. Cowboy boots and hats are regular attire, but not required.

Fun Fact: Nashville has become the number one destination for bachelorette parties. We saw a ton of white booted, line dancin', and beer drinkin' brides-to-be with their entourage.

Game Time: Do you know who the richest female and male country artists are? Send us your guesses! HINT—Taylor Swift is not the female.



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