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Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Have you received a Notice of Default from your bank? Heidel Realty understands that sometimes life throws you a curveball and circumstances change. We can help you find a solution.

Notice of Default

When you are 31 days late on your mortgage payment, your lender can file a Notice of Default with the county. It is the beginning of the foreclosure process.

Lis Pendens

A lis pendens is an official, public notice that a property has a pending lawsuit or claim attached to it and will affect the ability to sell your property.

Public Record

Did you know that a Notice of Default and Notice of sale is public information? In order to begin foreclosure proceedings, mortgage holders must file letters with the county.

Notice of Sale

91 days after you have missed your payment, your lender can file a Notice of Sale. This allows them to auction your property. The sale can happen as quickly as 20 days after notice is filed.

Short Sale

If your home is "underwater" (i.e. you currently owe more than it is worth), you can still sell your home. 

Public Information

Your contact information, including phone numbers, can be available to the public. As such, you may be contacted regarding your property.

HOA Default

In the state of Nevada, HOAs are considered "super liens" meaning they have the right to foreclose on your property.


Your mortgage company is required to mediate before foreclosing. They may provide you with options such as modification or forbearance.


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