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We're Not Young Anymore

Let's talk generations. Millennials have long been the butt of many jokes. (Insert something here about lattes or avocado toast.) What some fail to realize is we're not "young" anymore. We're past our college years. We have jobs. We have kids (many of us, though, have opted for fur-babies in this economy.) The younger millennials are 30. Elder millennials, like myself, are in their 40s now. My generation has struggled financially and emotionally. A lot of us are trying to figure out how to pay off crushing student debt, or how to pay for child care, or how to get into homeownership in a market with low inventory and rising rates. We lived through 9/11 and the Great Recession and Covid. It sometimes feels like we can't get ahead, but we press on. We are stronger and smarter for our trials. So, just pass me the Starbucks please!



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