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Vegas Bugs

My son Reid and daughter-in-law Morgan came over for dinner and Bible study (yep, that is what I said--Bible study). As we were discussing the pride of man, Morgan looked up and said, "Is that a bug on the wall?" Thinking it was probably a moth, I put on my glasses and saw a nice-sized scorpion just hanging out. After saying a few choice words (Bible study forgotten), I screamed for the boy to rescue us. Reid proceeded to get the broom and knock the dang thing into the artificial tree. Morgan actually told us to move the tree before knocking it down, but we didn't hear her because I was screaming hysterically. Shaking the tree, the scorpion fell to the floor. Morgan did not have on shoes, I had on flip flops, and Reid refused to step on the worst creature ever created because he did not want to get scorpion guts on the bottom of his shoes. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! STEP ON IT!" I screamed. Morgan brought over a shoe and Reid smacked it. He then retrieved a rock from the backyard to crush it. That night, I slept with the light on and a shoe.



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