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Tidy vs. Clean

One of the luxuries I allow myself in life is to have a housecleaner come to my house every other week. I am a fairly tidy and organized person. I don't like a lot of clutter. Too much "stuff' around can send my brain into chaos. As such, my home is usually pretty neat—at least for the couple of days a week when my kids are at their dad's house 😂. (How can two little dudes destroy a house so fast?!) Anyway, when it comes down to actually cleaning (i.e. scrubbing, mopping, dusting, etc.), I really, really just don't want to do it. Like many other moms and wives, I already do a freaking lot! So, I decided to spend a little extra dough to get some help.

Every two weeks, my husband Nick, points out the "cleaning" I do before the housecleaners come. He asks me over and over why I am cleaning before they clean and he wonders why we are paying them. BRO. Are you for real?! There's a big difference between putting away the kids' random crap (toys, dirty socks, etc.) and wiping down a kitchen/bathroom. Like, do you really see me mopping the floor, dusting the blinds, or scrubbing the toilets before they come? No! THAT is what I pay them for bruh!

Tell me I am not the only one!



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