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The Road Trip Game

My husband and I recently went on a 2,600 mile road trip. I know! I know! We do understand that airplanes have been invented. Sometimes it is fun though to hit the open road and enjoy our beautiful country. However, around mile 900 you start to get a bit stir crazy!

My husband has a pet peeve about people driving in the left lane and staying there when they are not passing. We started keeping a tally of who does this the most: girls or boys. Sadly, girls had the most tallies in this category. The game expanded to other things like speeding. (Boys received the most tallies in this area.) I ended up creating the Road Trip Game to determine who are the best drivers, girls or boys. I've included a copy below so you can play as well. Please share your results! Personally, I think girls will rule all day long! Clearly, my husband disagrees wholeheartedly.



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