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The Italian Chronicles #3: Google Translate

You cannot go to a foreign country without downloading Google Translate. I found Italian to be a beautiful, almost lyrical language. I loved it and could listen to the Italians talk for hours.

While sipping a cappuccino at a local coffee shop, I was playing with Google Translate and looking up different words to say. An errant thought came to mind to look up bad words to see if they had the same lyrical sound. Here is a tip! If you do look up bad words on Google Translate in a public place, do not hit the microphone to see how the word is pronounced.

Another fun incident happened at lunch when I tried to tell the server that the meal was excellent. I looked up 'excellent' and expressed in my best Italian accent what Google Translate said to say. The server's eyes got huge and he asked me to repeat myself. I did. He told me I had just asked him for drugs and to not trust Google Translate. Stud Muffin would not let me use the app after that.



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