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The Italian Chronicles #1: Plane Ride

My husband (pet name Stud Muffin) and I recently went to Italy to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary! It was an epic trip and for the next few Heidel Realty Happenings I am going to tell you all about it. Sit back, relax, and grab a cappuccino!

Stud Muffin made all of our flight arrangements which continually got cancelled by the airline. Because of all the trouble and confusion, the airline upgraded our tickets to business class (whoop, whoop!). Stud Muffin is 6'5" so having the extra room was a huge benefit to him. I was excited because the seats lay down flat to sleep and they give you champagne whenever you want. Two young families, each with a baby, were seated on either side of us. They were so cute! But, about 15 minutes into the flight the crying started and continued off and on during the almost 8 hour flight. It was the best/worst flight ever. By the end of the trip, the one mom had given up and stared blankly at the wall while holding her crying infant. Bless her heart!

We landed in Florence and were excited to get our adventure started. We waited, and waited, and waited for our luggage to arrive on the carousel. Eventually, the passengers from our flight decided something was wrong. Turns out there was a baggage handler strike and they did not load any luggage onto the plane. I guess there were labor issues all over the place. After a couple of days, we finally did get our luggage. Good thing too because nudity is a crime in Florence!



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