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The Grass is Blue

One day the leopard and the donkey were chatting at the watering hole and the donkey mentioned how blue the grass was looking today.

"What? The grass is clearly green," said the leopard.

The donkey cocked his long ears and looked at the leopard sideways. "You're crazy, the grass is as blue as the sky."

"Definitely green. Definitely."


"The grass is as green as envy. As green as a dollar bill. As green as that frog," said the leopard.

They went back and forth like this for some time before agreeing to take the matter before the king.

On the appointed day, the lion listened closely to their story from his throne.

"So, donkey, you're saying the grass is blue?" said the lion.

"Could it be seen any other way?" said the donkey.

"Please leave the court with our best wishes," said the king.

The donkey gave a supercilious look to the leopard and went on his merry way.

"Leopard, you will pay a fine and spend a night in jail," said the lion.

"I'm confused", said the leopard, sitting back on his haunches. "The grass is clearly green."

"Yes, of course it is,'' said the lion, straightening his crown. "But you wasted my valuable time, and spent your valuable time arguing with a donkey, which makes you an ass. For this you should be punished."

Who are the asses you are arguing with? Let us know in the comments! 😄



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