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The Food in Asia

Ahh—the food!

Let's talk organic. (Personally, I think the organic market in the U.S. is a scam and hurts the environment, but that totally a topic for another time.) In Vietnam, things are picked off the tree in the morning and then served for breakfast—at least that’s the way it tasted. The noodle soup was my favorite and it is a staple Vietnamese cuisine. The bottom of the bowl contained rice noodles and you added all the fresh veggies you wanted on top. The chef would ladle a super flavorful broth over the top. I could not stop eating it! I am currently trying to recreate this noodle soup in my own kitchen.

Cambodia had more of an Indian flair to their cuisine. Again, I loved it. The main ingredient to many dishes was coconut which is my absolute fave. It was the first time I’d eaten young coconut where the flesh was like jelly.

Thailand's food did not taste anything like Thai food in America. Weird! We ate seafood the size of apocalyptic monsters. No kidding—we chose a “small” lobster for dinner and it weighed 2.2 pounds!



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