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Thanksgiving Thoughts

This Thanksgiving, in addition to the typical gratitude we share for family and friends, let's also give thanks to the unconventional and not-so-obvious things in our lives! Like, let's shout-out to all the challenges that made us tougher and wiser. All those messy, unpredictable parts of our lives that, looking back, taught us some cool lessons, really and truly deserve some cheers. We’ve all been through something! So, let’s celebrate the quirks and imperfections that make our journey uniquely ours!

I’ll start! Coronavirus, quarantine, social distancing, virtual learning. The pandemic was all kinds of difficult and many tears were shed on my part, but it did make me tougher. Because of the pandemic, I now appreciate much more the “normalcy” of everyday life. Eating out at a restaurant, going to a hockey game or concert, getting your nails done or hair cut, dropping your kids off at school (LOL!)—all of these things I definitely took for granted before.

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