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Superb Owl 🦉

Why do we sometimes see the Super Bowl being referred to as the “Big Game”? It’s because the NFL restricts use of its "Super Bowl" trademark. I’m going to go ahead and buck that trend. I am hoping I won’t be run over by any NFL grunts or anything.

What kind of Super Bowl person are you? Is your team competing for the championship? (I’m looking at you, Tamara Heidel! Go Chiefs!) Have you just always loved sports and football? (This one goes out to my fiancé who will suddenly be free on Sundays after this weekend.) Are you in it for the commercials and just want to see who has the best ad this year? Or are you a millennial who has become a prime target audience for recent half-time shows? (‘Sup, Usher?!)

I am not much of a football fan. I get the gist of what’s happening when it’s on TV, but it will never interest me as much as hockey. (Go Knights!) However, my sister started having family get-togethers at her place to watch the Super Bowl. Those who are sports-minded get to watch the game. The kids run around loudly and have a great time. We all rate the commercials. Plus, the Corbin siblings (Millennials, of course) get down right jiggy to the half-time performance while our the rest of our family looks on flabbergasted. I am hoping the Super Bowl get-togethers will continue into the future.

So, what’s your Super Bowl tradition?



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