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Super Summer Theater

Whoever came up with the idea of putting on events at Spring Mountain Ranch should get a trophy. I was most recently there for Roald Dahl's Matilda, The Musical. The relaxation begins the moment you head west on Charleston from the 215. Ahead, the gorgeous mountain beckons. With our tickets and a picnic in hand, we're on our way. Parking is free and coordinated seamlessly by a group of volunteers, though there is a $10 park entrance fee per in-state vehicle. There are food vendors if you prefer to purchase food upon arrival. The outdoor theater is divided, one side for people who prefer sitting in a chair and the other side for people who want to put a blanket down. Chairs can be rented for the nominal fee of $1. The sun goes down, a young teen sets the stage with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and the play begins. The actors are spectacular, as usual, belting out songs on the excellent sound system under a starry sky. It can be cool at higher elevations so I recommend taking a sweater just in case. When it's over 100 degrees in the valley, it's hard to imagine you'll need a sweater, but trust me on this one. You may not need it every year, but best to be safe than to freeze your bum off!

P.S. Alcohol is allowed, so remember to make space in your picnic for a bottle of wine!



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