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Stanley Cup Champions ⚔️

THEY DID IT! After an incredible Stanley Cup Final run their inaugural year and missing the playoffs altogether last year, our Vegas Golden Knights are now the 2023 Stanley Cup Champions! This hockey team helped unite a city during an incredibly difficult time and has continued to support the community ever since. It was amazing to watch Vegas's first professional sports team win a championship, especially when so many doubted we could pull it off or even be a hockey town. We sure showed them!

I loved that they started our original Misfit line (Karlsson, Smith, and Marchessault) along with our two original defensemen (McNabb and Theodore). Those five along with the last original Golden Knight (Carrier) hoisted the Stanley Cup after our captain (Stone) did his celebratory lap. It was bittersweet and perfect. Cheers to the Golden Knights!

If you would like to come out and celebrate with the team, head down to the Strip this weekend. The official parade is scheduled for this Saturday, June 17th at 7:00pm!

Side story: While watching the game, my son Wesley (8 years old) turned to me and said, "How did flaw score? What even is flaw?" [He was referring to the scoreboard which reference VGK and FLA.] Kids are the best!



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