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So who the heck are you going to vote for now?

Just kidding! I wouldn't touch that question with a ten foot pole! What I will tell you is that Alaska is the last frontier and beautiful. Stud Muffin and I recently cruised Alaska and we were awestruck by the rugged majesty of the mountains with the green/blue glaciers. The ocean near the glaciers was a milky green with several ice floats. One ice float had a baby seal just chillin'. We saw humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, bald eagles, and a bear. You never know what creature you will run into.

While we were hiking in the rainforest in Sitka, we heard wolves howling. Very unnerving! I started singing hoping to scare them away, but they just seemed to get closer. I was ready to start running for our lives when my son started laughing. He had downloaded the wolf sounds on his phone and played them as we walked. And he tells me he loves me!

Side note: if you do want to tell me who you are voting for, I will not judge or tell. 😀



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