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Skynet Has Arrived

This was totally written by a human.

Skynet has finally happened. As I write this (you can trust this is being written by a human), we have put in place anti-spy bot technology developed by Donna. It is incredible that in my lifetime AI (artificial intelligence) has come this far. I am talking about ChatGPT launched by Microsoft. Google has accelerated their version of this AI technology so we soon could see a conversation between two computers downloaded with human history and scientific discoveries. Should be interesting to hear the AI version of what humans have done throughout history.

Here at Heidel Realty, we are keeping it at a human interaction level. We love serving people and getting them into the place they want to be. So call us, let's go to coffee or lunch, because that is what humans do. We can even look at some houses to buy or sell!

P.S. Donna is amazing, but she has not really developed anti-spy bot technology.



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