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O Fortuna!

Last year at The Smith Center, I had the good fortune of seeing Nevada Ballet's performance of Carmina Burana. It was spellbinding. Attending ballet performances has been a part of my life since childhood, but never have I experienced anything like this. Wow! When discovering this dynamic show would once again be part of this year's ballet season, I ecstatically bought tickets.

Choreographed by Nicolo Fonte and set to grace the stage on November 3rd to 5th, Carmina Burana is more than a ballet—it is an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional performances. It combines the grace of ballet, the emotive power of opera, and the grandeur of a full orchestra. This season's four performances include two evening shows and two matinees.

This unforgettable performance should not be missed! Secure your tickets and brace yourself for an evening of sheer artistic brilliance. Carmina Burana is back and it's ready to once again leave its mark on the hearts of Las Vegas audiences. O Fortuna indeed!


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