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No Prizes Given for Ruptured Appendix

My husband Paul had acute appendicitis recently. It was quite difficult to get him to go to the doctor. Granted, neither of us were raised in families that relied much on doctors.

When I finally got the man to agree to go in, his appendix had ruptured. SW Medical Quick Care on Tenaya was awesome! I highly recommend them. They took blood work and did an x-ray onsite. Within an hour or so of arrival, they knew there was some type of issue so they ordered a CT scan, also done onsite. A burst appendix was diagnosed and we went directly over to the Mountain View Hospital ER.

While my daughter Chelsea and I were in the ER waiting room, a 12 year old looking surgeon came out to talk to us and answer questions.

I asked, "Are you doing the surgeon?"

I didn't realize what I'd said until I saw how taken aback he was. He grinned and blushed and stopped talking for a moment.

Chelsea said, "I mean, it's okay if you are. And it's none of our business."

We both got it's-been-a-stressful-morning giggles. The doctor pulled himself together and got back to business, but it was nice respite.



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