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Mom Life

This week the team had our annual retreat. We use the away time to reconnect with each other, discuss the previous year, and determine what direction to head for the new year. We were only gone for three days, but when you are a mom, it can seem much longer! This is what happens when mom goes away for a few days and leaves dad in charge….

Upon arriving home Tuesday evening:

Me: Where’s Aly (my 16 year old who just started driving by herself last week)?

Ben (my husband): She’s at lacrosse practice.

Me: Do I need to pick her up?

Ben: No, she drove herself.

Me: You mean she drove down to the field near the strip by herself?

Ben: Yep, she told me she could.

Brynn (my 14 year old): Yeah, Dad let Aly drive us everywhere by ourselves this weekend, it was awesome!

Joey (my 12 year old): MOM! I haven’t had my school ID since Friday! I have looked everywhere for it and still can’t find it. It’s NOWHERE!

5 seconds later….

Me: Here it is.

Joey: Oh, thanks for finding it Mom. I didn’t think to look under my papers that I left on the kitchen countertop Friday when I came home from school.

All 3 kids: Mom, have you gone to the grocery store yet?

Me: Well, given the fact that I just walked in the door, no, I haven’t had a chance yet....



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