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In Office or Work From Home?

Let's talk work!

Many businesses had to adjust how they operate because of the pandemic. From shut downs to quarantines, we couldn't just do things like we usually did anymore. What started out as a two week "pause" turned into a new way of life. Many businesses had their employees working from home, but now that things are starting to feel more "normal," some companies want their employees back at the brick and mortar. After months and months (years, really!) of no commutes and more flexibility, a lot of workers are deciding that, no, they don't want to go back into the office and would rather quit and find another job that allows them the luxury of working from home.

So, for those of you who worked at home during the pandemic, did you have to transition back to working in the office? Or are you now permanently working from home? Which do you prefer and why?



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