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I have an opinion and you might not like it!

In today's society, giving your opinion can be a dangerous thing. Everyone has an opinion about your opinion. It is difficult for me to sit in the corner and color when an interesting topic is being discussed and I want to join in, but am afraid to do so. Well, I don't like sitting in the corner and I am terrible at coloring. So, here are my opinions on a variety of subjects.

10. I am not a fan of the “Mom Jeans” fashion trend.

9. Major TV news outlets suck, but I love our local news.

8. Vegetables are good for you and we should force people to eat them. (Just kidding vegetable haters!)

7. Climate does change.

6. Probate is not a path you want for your family, so prevent it by setting up a trust for your assets.

5. Designers create trends so we buy stuff. I get it. They are bored with the stuff they created last month so they have to change it.

4. Nevada is one of the best states to live in! No state income taxes, no hurricanes, and lots of sunshine.

3. It is important to use a real estate professional when buying or selling real estate. (Sorry for the shameless plug!)

2. Respect other people's opinion even when you disagree.

1. Love God, Love People!



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