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Heaven on Earth

You could ask 100 people what they think about Heaven and you would get 100 different answers. We wanted to take some time this week to talk about times when we have experienced a bit of Heaven on Earth.

Living in a house with 3 boys can be chaotic and loud, especially when two of them are 7 and 9. When I find myself alone at home, the quiet definitely feels like a little piece of Heaven. ~Donna

Anytime my daughter and I get to share quality time together and connect is the best! Laughing about something silly as we run errands on a Saturday, having a fun conversation as we bake cookies in the kitchen, or getting an unexpected hug from her are all Heaven on Earth moments. ~Juliana

The very rare moments that our whole family is all together and enjoying the time spent together, like at the ranch! ~Kathryn M.

I had a little piece of heaven this morning: freshly brewed coffee with half a bagel from Einstein Brothers spread with cream cheese and topped with homemade lemon curd made with lemon juice that came from Paula's tree. ~Lara

Heaven on earth: Whenever I spend time with my daughter. Being with the people I love. Watching birds and their families through my kitchen window. ~Paula

Spending time with my family always creates Heaven on Earth moments for me. Recently, I played with my grandchildren (yes, I am that old) on Mission Beach in California. The pure joy on their faces as we buried them in the sand and chased waves back and forth was priceless. The amazing sunsets and walking hand in hand on the beach says Heaven on Earth to me. Little kid giggles are the very best! ~Tamara

What are some of your Heaven on Earth moments? We'd love to know!



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