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Goodbye January

January is almost over. How is that even possible? It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in the New Year! Speaking of New Year's, how are those resolutions going? If you're like me, they're going great! That's because you didn't really make any. 😂

Jokes aside, like many of you, I would like to buy a house this year. I bought my current home over four years ago. As a single mom, it has served me so well and has been a great blessing in my life. But my family has grown. I have two pre-teen boys, an extra cute Boston Terrier, and now a fiancé. I have big dreams of more square footage.

As Realtors, you can sometimes forget how emotional real estate can be. That is, until it's your own home you're dealing with. Trying to balance two individual’s wants and needs into the "perfect" house in their budget can be challenging. Luckily, I work with, and am friends with, some amazing agents and their guidance helps immensely. Seriously, don't go at it alone!



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