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For The Love of Dogs

Our family had never had a dog. Through the years there were countless promises from our two young sons that if we got a dog, they would be totally responsible for taking care of it. My husband, Rick, didn’t give in, claiming that he would end up being the sole pooper scooper and dog walker.

But when a good friend was re-homing her two dachshunds, hubby agreed to a “weekend” visit, but only a visit. Abbie and Leo sauntered into our home that Friday evening and it was love at first sight! They entered our lives and have never left. They became a part of our family so quickly, we can hardly remember what it was like before they weaved their way into our hearts! Whether we are gone for 15 minutes or an entire weekend, the welcome home from them is the same level of excitement, with jumping, kisses and happy barks!

Recently, I have experienced some health issues that included surgeries. Upon my return from each hospital visit, instead of a rambunctious welcome, I was greeted with an abundance of quiet cuddles and them rarely leaving my side. Every nap and rest time has included Abbie and Leo gently curled up with me. I don’t know how they sense these situations, but they most certainly do.

I will forever be grateful to Donna for bringing Abbie and Leo to our family. These lovebugs have enriched our lives beyond measure. And the guy who never wanted a dog, Rick, is the best dog walker, poop scooper and overall best Doggie Dad around!!



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