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Early Christmas Present

Let's talk early Christmas presents! Stud Muffin and I went in on a miniature golden doodle puppy for our grandlittles, ages 3, 5, and 8. We had to give them the puppy early because it was born already! The kids had no idea they were getting a puppy so I thought they would be out of their minds with excitement.

My daughter, Kaitlyn, brought the puppy in an Amazon box (because everything comes from Amazon) and set it on the floor so the kids could open it. I was giggling with anticipation.

They gathered around the box, opened it up, and in small voices said, "It's a puppy."

In a loud voice I said, "Isn't it cute! Don't you love it?"

Again, small soft voices said, "Yes."

What the heck!!! I don't have quiet grandlittles. They are loud, very loud. I guess it was good for the puppy that they were quiet, but still, I thought there would be a little screaming. The afternoon was filled with cuteness and smiles, though. Let's see if they remember the puppy was their Christmas present when Christmas comes around.



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