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Dreams of a New Home

I bought my house a few years ago. It's a small three bedroom without a yard or driveway. I like to think of it as a detached townhome. At the time, I was separating from my ex-husband and my kids were only 3 and 5, so the size was perfect. Now, I work from home most of the time and there's a Boston Terrier and boyfriend who live here too! As such, I've been thinking about moving to a bigger house. I have dreams of a large, open kitchen, a nice backyard for the dog, and a quiet street for the boys to ride bikes. Sound familiar? I know many of you have the same desire to buy your first home or maybe upgrade your current home. Today's real estate market can be challenging, but don't be discouraged! The agents I work with are amazing and can help you, plus we work with lenders who have great programs for down payment assistance and more. Let's get together and make all our dreams reality!



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