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Don't Pee in my Pool, Fed!

A little boy was visiting his grandparents in California. He was sooooo excited, not only to see his grandparents, but to swim in their pool. Upon the boy's arrival, he gave kisses and hugs to the equally elated grandma and grandpa. As soon as he was able to squirm away, he put on his swimsuit to attack the pool. Being only 4 years old he was immediately apprehended by grandpa and he laid out the ground rules: 1. Never go near the pool without an adult. 2. Don't run. And 3. Never ever pee in the pool, because I will know.

The boy looked up and asked, "How would you know if I peed in the pool?".

The grandpa answered, "I put a chemical in the water and if someone pees it turns the water green." The boy nodded and grabbed his mother's hand to lead her to the pool.

After a few hours of splashing and laughing, it was time to come in. The boy was a prune and grinning from ear to ear! When he was dry, he whispered to his mom, "Should I tell grandpa that his chemical didn't work?"

As a real estate agent, I feel like the Fed raising the interest rates works like the chemical in grandpa's pool. Someone needs to tell them it is not working!!!



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