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Today on my bike ride, I used my ding-a-ling for the first time (you know the little bell that alerts people you are coming). It worked like a charm! The gentleman moved out of the way and I did not hit him. Win-Win! Not so lucky was the kid I waved to. Waving caused me to swerve which made him jump off the path onto the rocks. Poor thing!

I really want to start a women's bike club. I have nothing against men, but they get all competitive trying to see whose "ding-a-ling" is bigger. It would not have to be all e-bikes as long as regular bikers don't judge. My friend, Lara Cox is joining. I am setting her up with my gal, Kim at Eunorau (an e-bike brand). I told Kim I have 54 followers on Instagram and she needs to take care of her.



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