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Death By E-bike

Stud Muffin surprised me with an E-bike. I have been wanting one since our Italian e-bike adventure (you can read about that here). This e-bike has a throttle which sort of/kind of turns the bike into a moped. As I was learning how to ride the bike/moped, it reminded me of a scene from the Twilight series (you know the one where the virgin falls in love with a vampire and her best friend is a werewolf--shout out to my fellow Twilight fans!) Anyway, in the scene the werewolf gives the virgin a 10 second lesson on how to ride a motorcycle because no one needs longer than 10 seconds to learn how to ride a motorcycle. The virgin takes off and crashes almost immediately. The werewolf, in human form, rips off his shirt and gently puts it under the virgin's head. WOW! I am daydreaming about this scene as Stud Muffin follows me on our first time out and tells me how to ride my bike. Thankfully, I did not crash and Stud Muffin did not need to rescue me with his shirt off.



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