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Cu Chi Min Tunnels

One of the most difficult days of our Asian trip was the tour of the Cu Chi Min tunnels. I was a kid during the Vietnam war and vaguely remember my parents talking about it at the dinner table. Of course, I learned more about the war in school and through television, but to see the remnants in person is a different story.

The Cu Chi Min tunnels were built in South Vietnam by the Viet Cong during the 15 year war. According to our guide the Viet Cong migrated from North Vietnam and lived in the villages hiding among the people. It was easy for them because they spoke the language and were the same ethnicity. During the day they would work in the rice fields and at night they would build tunnels and set booby traps for the Americans. Some of the tunnels were 100 meters deep. Overwhelmed by the thought that our troops and the peaceful Vietnamese people didn't have a chance against these tunnels and booby traps, I started to cry. War is indescribable in its cruelty!



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