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Cool Summer

Summer is here! However, it was cool on my walk this morning, so cool my legs were a tad chilly. It's June 23rd in Las Vegas, people! How is this happening? My friend Greta read that El Niño is supposed to mean a cooler July and August for us, and a warmer September. That sounds like a fair trade off to me.

I actually don't mind the summer heat, though I do realize that's easy for me to say when I go from the air conditioning in my home, to the air conditioning in my car, to the air conditioning in the grocery store. The few months of high temps feels like a small price to pay for the other lovely months of the year. I've never shoveled snow, been concerned about black ice, or really worried about weather at all, besides putting on sunscreen and maybe grabbing the odd umbrella for a summer downpour. So, let's all enjoy a cooler July and August this year and brace ourselves for a warm September.



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