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Cocktails on the Beach

Last week, Team Heidel had to manage without their esteemed office manager, as I spent time honeymooning in Cancún. It was the first big trip like this for me and my new husband. We’ve taken several weekend getaways together, but neither of us had been out of the country before as adults.

We spent five days at an all inclusive resort. We relaxed in the pools. We ate as much as we could. I stood in the ocean and tried to coax Nick to venture further into the water (it didn’t work). We spent every night soaking in our private balcony hot tub. We briefly walked around the main drag of the Hotel Zone. We quickly became sticky and covered in sweat. The humidity there is no joke (dry heat, for the win!). We vowed to spend the rest of our time either in the pools or on the beach. We drank so many cocktails. We joked about the pour and that if we’d downed that much here in Vegas, we’d be blacked out for sure! We enjoyed the nightly shows the resort put on. We stopped to check out the “White Party” one night. My bright red-orange dress didn’t exactly fit in with the color scheme, but they still let me in. It was an outdoor dance party with loud music, a pool, and lots of foam. The vibes were awesome and everyone was just having a good time.

One night, before the nightly entertainment, the staff had set up two blackjack tables in the lobby. I’ve only ever played a table game once (Face Up Pai Gow) and Nick pretty much had to tell me what to do the whole time. We went over to one of the tables to play. It wasn’t for real money, just for fun, which was perfect anyway because I didn’t know what I was doing. The dealer asked us where we were from. We laughed and said Vegas. The dealer set the deck of cards down and threw her hands up in the air. She pointed to another player, “She’s a dealer in Seattle. These two are from Vegas. I give up!” We all laughed.

The week went by quickly. When we first got to Cancún, it seemed like we had so much time. Before we knew it, we were on a plane again flying back home. Thanks to Team Heidel for filling in while I was gone. I had an amazing time, but I know they are glad I am back. 😉



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