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Cheers to 2023

Another year, another chapter! It's easy to get bogged down by the chaos and busyness of the holidays. So, as we bring 2022 to a close, we'd like to take a moment to look back and remember the good. What are some of your favorite memories from this year? Here are a few of ours!

Donna: My favorite memory of 2022 was the birth of my niece. My superstar of a sister had her second home birth and allowed me the privilege of being there. Witnessing her strength and the support of her husband was amazing. It is hard to describe how incredible it was!

Juliana: My favorite memory of 2022 was watching my daughter and her cheer team come together and grow as a team! They worked very hard on their strength training and choreography and looked so polished and confident during football season! The stunts and routines were so awesome to watch! Excited to see them start competing in February!

Kathryn M: My favorite memory of 2022 was our annual family vacation to Rainbow Trout Ranch. It began with an astounding venture to Antelope Canyon in Arizona where we hiked both the Upper and Lower canyons. Both amazed us at every turn. We then made our way to the ranch where we spent 6 days of unadulterated bliss; no devices for the duration! Spending time with my husband and the three kids in the beautiful Colorado mountains all while riding horses and taking time to enjoy one on one time with them is my most treasured time of the year!

Kathryn S: My favorite memories were simple moments like date nights with my husband and spending time with my sons when they were both home. My favorite is coming downstairs one morning to find that my husband had decorated the Christmas Tree and the entire house!

Lara: One of my favorite memories of 2022 is actually Christmas Day. My children were all home for the holidays and we made a delicious meal on Christmas Eve and then had a totally relaxing Christmas Day. We talked, played intense games of Dobble and more relaxed games of Bananagrams and listened to music. We wore comfy clothes, ate lots of snacks, had a port tasting and laughed a lot. We were so chill, it was almost 4pm before we thought about opening presents. You know when you're on vacation and you have a day that seems to last forever? It was one of those precious days.

Paula: My favorite memory for 2022 is Ariel’s graduation from college with a degree in International Business. I was wailing happy tears for at least fifteen minutes. She was beaming as were her grandparents and me. We continually waved to each other throughout the ceremony. Fortunately she knew where we were sitting. The joy was continued at the Mayfair Supper Club in the Bellagio. The entertainment was terrific and the fountains went off every 15 minutes. What a perfect day!

Tamara: Celebrating our 40th anniversary in Italy was the best of 2022.



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