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Cambodian Ice Crem Cart

In Cambodia, we had a very cool guide. We had already seen Angkor Wat (which is amazeballs) and we didn’t really need to see every single temple in the country, so our guide offered to take us off grid to see how the local people lived. Right up my alley!

The village he took us to was along the river. All of the homes were built on 20-foot stilts because in the rainy season the water reaches that high. In the dry season you walk on the road and in the wet season you paddle your boat. Children as young as six handle 12-foot boats all on their own! A strong sense of community was apparent and the people in the village seemed happy. The average Cambodian makes $1,600 a year, which humbled me to the core.

There was an ice cream cart with about five children standing around it. Stud Muffin told the guide he would like to buy ice cream for the kids. We don't know how it happened, but within seconds the cart was surrounded. Fifty five ice cream cones were handed out that day. The poor ice cream man didn't know what hit him. It was one of the sweetest moments of our trip.



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