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Back to School & Empty Nesters

It's back-to-school time! How exciting and fun!

It is a rite of passage for parents to send your last child away to college. I remember taking our son. He had a scholarship (God knows we need scholarships!) to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Stud Muffin and I were so proud and happy, but inside I was crying buckets. Saying goodbye to our son in the middle of Massachusetts Street was one of the toughest things I have ever done. I was quiet and sad all the way home. When we finally got home, Stud Muffin was unusually eager to get inside first. I was slow because I couldn’t bear going into an empty house. As I brought my suitcase in, Stud Muffin was nowhere to be found. I wandered into the family room and he ripped off his shirt (and some other things). Shocked, I asked why did you do that?! He said gleefully, “Because I can! We’re empty nesters!!!”

....Oh boy!



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