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A Very "Private" Backyard

Can we talk about a sensitive subject? The "Naked Backyard." During the pandemic, outdoor space became more important than ever. People have added Tuff Sheds with lights and called it an outdoor office. Outdoor kitchens, firepits, etc. are all the rage. With all this outdoor activity, people are concerned about privacy, thus the "Naked Backyard." It's the ultimate definition of a private backyard! Can you be naked in your backyard? My husband and I definitely do not have a "Naked Backyard." We have all the fun stuff like an outdoor kitchen, firepit, and a pool, but our yard backs to a neighborhood walking trail. Dang! It is a free country though, so maybe people might have a different definition about what they can do in their "private" backyard. See...I told you it was a sensitive subject.



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