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A Sprinkle of Magic

At my desk I have a little box of Pop-Open Cards my friend Paige gave me. The box is about two and a half inches square, with a black bottom, and a cheerful yellow and black top. Occasionally, when I'm having a tough day, or could use a mental boost, I open one of the cards. The cards have a little serrated edge that, when pressed, pops open to reveal a hidden quote.

Today's message was from the great William Shakespeare, "A light heart lives long".  I Googled it and the quote is from the play Love's Labour's Lost, which I'm chagrined to say I've never heard of. I love the quote though. It seems like a simple thing to do, keeping a light heart. I'm not sure why I allow life to feel hard at times. When I remember to take things lightly, life flows smoothly. It's a little sprinkle of magic, is what it is. Thanks for the reminder Will!



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