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When you become a parent or grandparent, it's not unusual to choose a title for yourself. My dad's mom was "Granny CC" to me. My dad is now "Grandpa D" to my kids. This differentiates him from my kids' paternal grandparents, who are just "Grandma" and "Grandpa." My favorite team leader and broker of all time is "Gami" to her grand-babies. So, when I was pregnant with my eldest, I thought a lot about this stuff. I came to the conclusion that "Mommy" really bugged me and thus, I have always been "Momma" to my boys.

My kids are now coming to the pre-teen stage of their life. They are more independent. They know things I don't. They're sassy. While I am still and forever will be their "Momma," I am now referred to sometimes as "Bruh." For those not savvy, "Bruh" is the new "Bro," which I think is the old "Dude?" Whatever the evolution, it's an interesting feeling. Some of it is that sense I am getting old. (Did I mention I am turning 40 this year?) A lot of it is that my kids are getting old. Soon they'll be full blown teenagers and they won't "need" me as much anymore. Until then bruh, I'll always be here for them.



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