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Let's Talk Traffic

Like so many in Las Vegas, I am a California transplant. I couldn't be happier that we moved our family to this valley. While spending time recently in both Los Angeles and the Orange County area, too much time was spent on the infamous gridlocked freeways. Has the 405 freeway ever been smooth sailing? After reliving that nightmare, I promise to never complain about our valley traffic. Never!

Although the roads may seem congested at times, I for one, applaud the system here and appreciate the road improvements being made throughout the valley. Yes, traffic is getting heavier, however, freeway lanes here are wider, smoother and less claustrophobic than in other cities. Our rush hour is typically a fraction of what it could be anywhere else. And maybe I'm imagining things, but I swear that fewer drivers give other drivers the single digit salute!

In my opinion, Las Vegas traffic is just one more reason to enjoy living here!



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