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Burgundy Café

I wanted to give a shout out to Burgundy Café, one of my favorite jaunts! In a previous life, I ran a bakery, so I'm rather choosy about my pastries. A few months ago, my mom and I were in Village Square for an appointment and came across Burgundy Café quite by accident. Croissants, egg white frittata, and cappuccinos were ordered. The moment I sank my teeth into my flaky croissant, I knew a master pastry chef was at work. The texture and flavor transported me to the time I spent in Paris many years ago. Turns out, the cafe owner, Florent Cheveau, used to be the assistant pastry chef to Jean Philippe Maury, the former pastry chef for the Bellagio and Aria Hotels. I loved the pastries there. They had perfect texture, balance of flavors, and were exquisite to look at because of the attention paid to decorating details. These pastries were elevated to works of art both visually and for the palate.

The owner of Burgundy Café carries on much of the tradition. Florent Cheveau and his wife designed a delightful café with a casual French flair. The croissants, baguettes, and pastries are delicious and so are the beverages. The savory items are fantastic as well. Happily, I am still working my way through the entire menu, which means I have many more visits to make.



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