Very professional and helpful. Did an excellent job selling my house and would highly recommend them.

Julio Banderas  10-23-2020

We were linked to Lara and the Heidel Team through our lender and we were exceptionally please with everything right from the get-go. Lara knew what questions to ask to identify our “must haves” (vs “would be nice”) and what our deal-breakers would be. She was patient and willing to give us all the time we needed. Her deep familiarity with the Vegas area was a real plus. In addition to Lara, Donna, the Heidel Team Office Manager, was also great—-really keeping the process moving and providing timely communication on what needed to be done. This is a great real estate office and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Can’t recommend them strongly enough!

Doug & Zewdie Arbuckle  10-19-2020

Lara and Tamara were great to work with. Lara was so kind and patient. She made the process easier and more pleasant for sure. Thank you.

Ben & Brooke Hansen  08-25-2020

We worked with Lara as a recommendation from a friend and she is great! She's so helpful and kind. Goes above and beyond. Highly recommend!

Lindsey Norman  08-11-2020

Juliana and Tamara and the rest of Team Heidel were extremely gracious and accommodating. Working with our schedules and the recent pandemic to find us a home to work with us through all sorts of adversities and never failed to do it with smile. We feel that they are true friends and part of our extended family here in Las Vegas. We could not recommend them higher. They are the best!

Bob Maidel & Wolf Mick  07-29-2020

Great organization, the whole sales team was super to work with, I can't believe how efficient and fast they were from beginning to the end of the transaction. It was a pleasure to work with this team, it was a totally stress free experience. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy or sale a house.

Art Polson  07-06-2020

Great team to work with; very responsive and they know the real estate market. Highly recommend.

Janell Cassell  06-24-2020

Definitely knows the area! Professional, never difficult to reach and great insights on the process. What I liked best, and wasn't expecting, was all the individual feedback from potential buyers. That was interesting and very helpful.

Kevin & Terri Janison  06-16-2020

We contacted Heidel out of the blue and Tamara paired us with Kathryn Schmidt. We were so glad she did! Kathryn was patient, knowledgeable, kind and great to work with. We ended up purchasing a house through her and Heidel and kinda thought that would be it. However, we had two issues with the new home where we weren't sure what to do. We called Kathryn and she was just amazing! She knew some ins and outs of the real estate world we would not have thought of, told us who to call and helped us tremendously. You always expect people to be nice and helpful when you they can make money off of you. Kathryn has gone above and beyond, well after 'the deal was done', because she has integrity and is innately kind. Thank you so much, Kathryn, for being so good at what you do!

Rick & Simms Teramoto  05-23-2020

Great team and easy to work with! Would definitely recommend to family or friends.

Nick & Riza Abdelnour  05-13-2020

At one point it seemed like an impossibility that we would sell our house and, then, close on the house of our dreams, but with Tamara and Lara's guidance, we were able to successfully make it through both transactions and closed back to back on the same day in the midst of the shutdown. We are very grateful for their help and patience through this entire process.

Craig & Samantha Henderson  05-04-2020



Juliana Burke was amazing throughout the entire process. She made sure everything went smoothly for us in our home buying process. She was very knowledgeable and patient!

Dej'Sheron Alston  04-07-2020

Absolutely wonderful experience!! I highly recommend Juliana and the entire team!!!

Theresa Frazier  03-24-2020


Tamara Heidel & her team provide outstanding service! Tamara is very professional and at the same time kind, understanding and friendly. The results are the best with this team of experts. They are truly a class act!

Beverly Dix  03-10-2020

So patient- so knowledgeable- so many great tips as we looked at houses that I never would have thought of- tremendous help and amazing resource. Felt we were in great hands, beginning to end (when we bought the best house, ever!)

Rick Teramoto  03-02-2020



This team of professional ladies, along with Paula Clark, out shined every agent I have every dealt with. No one referred me to them. I met Ms. Heidel as the realtor for property I was to leave. There was no 'salesman pitch'. I learned a lot about issues I did not understand with complete honesty and integrity. This a wonderful team and I will refer them to whoever looking to buy or rent in Las Vegas.

Loreane McKinney  01-07-2020

Team Heidel, particularly Lara Cox, has done above and beyond what we asked for as a remote buyer. Truly excellent work and we are recommending them with no reservation. You will get the best and most comprehensive services.

Nan Dong  12-16-2019



Lucky in Vegas had nothing to do with gambling for me. I found Vegas’ best real estate agent on my first try! I am not what one would call an easy client and tend to ask for a lot. Juliana not only met all my needs she flat out exceeded them. During our initial talk I told her what I wanted and she ran with it. She showed me houses right on par with what I was looking for. I was extremely impressed by this as she did not show me or try to push a house on me that didn’t fit my criteria. It’s fair to say that I am picky but I didn’t even have to tell her, she just seemed to know. She responded to every text, phone call and email very quickly. Now some insight before I make my last comment. I was married to an exceptional real estate agent for 20 years and I know the ins and outs of the realestate world both good and bad. That said, Juliana was working for me every single step of the way. As an example, she showed me a house that I feel she knew I would love and it was a 2% listing. This is why this house was available as I am absolutely sure that other agents did not show it for this reason. I bought the house and couldn’t be happier. I give Juliana my highest recommendation and am positive you will feel the same! Thank you so much Juliana you are the best!

John Loukota  12-12-2019



Tamara Heidel did an outstanding job as my realtor in my recent sale! I highly recommend her and her staff. My sale did not go smoothly, through no fault of hers; but Tamara was in it through all the trials and tribulations. I could not have completed this transaction without her. If you are looking for a real estate agent, Tamara is your person!

La Verne Thompson  11-19-2019

Lara and Tamara are the best!

Corey Deal  11-12-2019



Tamara is amazing! I can't praise her enough. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. This was my first home purchase, and Tamara (and her team) were incredibly helpful throughout the process. The daunting proposition of purchasing a first home was made vastly easier through her efforts, and her network of incredibly talented third parties referrals.

Matt Pierce  11-08-2019

These people were absolutely fantastic! I would recommend them to anybody. Thank you all very much!

Russ Walker  09-30-2019


Knowledgeable, prompt, above all great one on one customer service!

Jesus Gomez  09-18-2019


Thank you Team Heidel for making our first home buying experience an amazing one!!!

William & Michael Zaragoza  08-01-2019


Lara was so amazing to work with! She went out of her way to help us find the house for us! Made the process easy and was so helpful in finding the perfect lender for what we wanted and even gave advice on all my questions! Will definitely be referring her to family and friends!

Juan & Maneula Robles  08-01-2019

Paula Engel is so professional and easy to work with. She asked me specific questions about what I was looking for so that she pull up exceptional options. It took only a couple of days to find a great home. She walked me through each step, and kept me appraised. She made everything seamless and easy. Paula is an honest, caring realtor. 

Donna Mack  07-01-2019



Lara Cox was an outstanding agent that suck with us every step of the way. She went out of her way to get is quotes, photos and information on homes even though we were not even in the state yet. She is very intent on getting you to a home that fits your life style.

Jonathan Swanson  07-01-2019


Lara Cox went above and beyond to make sure I got the house that was perfect for me. Her advice and guidance made my first time buying a home so seamless and easy. She was always available for questions and always there when you needed her!

Laila Abdelnour  05-21-2019

Lara is everything you could want in an agent: responsive & honest.

Ryan Miller  05-20-2019

Juliana is an absolute Doll. She is very attentive to anything that you need or ask of her. Great Job!

Paul Pinjuv  04-24-2019

Tamara and her crew were great throughout the entire process of selling our house! They kept us up to date with the number of showings per week, as well as feedback from realtors who had shown the property. If we had a questions, they were always there to give us an answer. GREAT TEAM!

Bobby Oelke  04-12-2019

***HIGHLY RECOMMEND *** We could not be happier with the work Lara Cox of Heidel realty has done for us. She made our first time home buying experience so enjoyable. She came in clutch every step of the process. She answered every email, late night text, phone call, showed houses on weekends, went above and beyond every step of the way.. Can not express enough gratitude for her and her positive energy. Whenever something went wrong, Lara had such a helpful and positive way of solving the issue. She was extremely attentive to our needs and we consider her a friend. Would HIGHLY recommend her!! 

Daniel Davenport  04-03-2019

Quality is measured by effort and Juliana is a quality agent.

William Bessey  12-20-2018


The Heidel Team was absolutely the best. They estimated the worth of my house and then targeted a higher price which proved to be beneficial for me. The Heidel Team always answered my question with reservation. I would highly recommend team Heidel because it is a winning team.

Jan Axthelm  09-07-2018


Heidel realty showed us dozens of homes over a 10 month period until we decided on the right one. They are very professional and patient and we appreciate the outstanding quality of their service. Highly recommend!

Mick Cassell  09-05-2018


Great team! Professional, courteous, understanding of my Mother's concerns, and always there when I needed them.

Joy Hart  09-04-2018

It was a pleasure working with Lara. She truly goes out of her way to make sure everything is done and done correctly. She is very knowledgeable. Very easy to work with and is always ready to answer any questions we may have. Plus she is a very nice!

Peter Roth & Pauline Shiota-Roth  08-02-2018



Tammy and her team were absolutely fantastic to work with. I would absolutely recommend Team Heidel to a friend. Tammy, Lara and Donna were available to answer all questions that arise when selling your home.

Phyllis & Les Steers  06-05-2018


Tamara and Lara were absolutely fantastic! Professional, personable, efficient, and patient. We could not have asked for a better team to represent us on the sale of our home of twenty years. They will take good care of you and vigorously represent you and your investment as you navigate this process.

Tina Fontana  04-15-2018

Sometimes in real estate you're in a situation when, due to lack of knowledge about the market you're about to embrace a selling price that might be well below what the market situation would dictate. The uneducated realtor would navigate the situation as a way to make a fast buck and will avoid pushing the envelope because it might take time and delay the sale. Thank you Tamara and Lara for showing me the way to increase my sale profit by roughly 25%, in a situation when other professionals whould've never dared to adventure. You dedication, tenacity and command of the tricky waters of real estate navigation is, as far as I am concerned, unmatched. I hope some days I'll have the fortune to have you guys as my agents again. Also thank you Donna for making everything work seamlessly and in perfect harmony with the ever changing pace of the sale.

Manuel Avaro  04-12-2018

We used Heidel Realty to help in our search for a second home. Our agent, Lara Cox was very knowledgeable about the area we were interested in and in guiding us through the entire process. We would definitely use this agency again.

Sandy Ehlers  03-27-2018


Working with Lara has been a complete joy! She is kind, courteous and incredibly diligent in her work. She is a true professional and her experience in real estate really shines in those moments during a deal when you truly need an advocate. I cannot say enough good things about her! This is our 3rd real estate deal with her in a span of 10 years. She is the best!

Stacey Armstrong  03-19-2018



Lara did a great job and was in our corner when we needed her. I recommend her and give three thumbs up!

Richard Fah  12-26-2017

Great communication. Organized follow-up. Simple processing of all that was needed to close.

Dave Johnson  09-18-2017

We have used Lara and Tamara for sale and 2 purchases and consider them the best professionals. You can't go wrong with this team!!!

Olga Erbe  09-01-2017

I am in love with Team Heidel as they supply the best agents ever! My boyfriend and I dealt with one of my close personal friends Julianna Burke! Do not let her good looks fool you she is a boss! She get right into it and goes for the gold! She is so personable and gets you the best deals possible! This was our first home and she made it fun and exciting! She has an eye for decorating as well so this lady has many hats! She is AMAZING! My whole family is going to be using her for future homes to come as she gets the work done!!!!!

Brittany Santigate  07-25-2017


Lara Cox was amazing to work with. We originally met her through red fin to look at a home to get an idea of floor plans because we were working with a relative who does real estate but they were out of town at the time. We did inform Lara that we were working with someone and that didn't change her amazing energy. I found out my relative only dealt with a specific company as well as new builds so he referred us to someone. We didn't like the interaction we had with that agent she was unprepared and seemingly uninterested. We called Lara back and she was on point from beginning to close and extremely supportive. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent they can depend on.

Leroy Beresford  07-24-2017



We sold our old home and bought a new one through Heidel Realty. They are very knowledgeable and were extremely helpful in both transactions.We could not have done it without them. They were a big help every step of the way. Special thanks to Tamara Heidel and Donna Smith. We really appreciate you.

Kathy & Tom Pappas  07-14-2017



Juliana, my realtor is superb. She is not only beautiful but talented and very professional and get things going to get the best deal. I'm an investor and have closed several homes with her. I highly recommend her for a realtor.

Felipe Enriquez  06-27-2017

Tamara Heidel from Heidel Realty is outstanding. She is very knowledgeable about the Las Vegas market, as well as real estate matters. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling a home.

Sandie & John Amundson  05-31-2017

Very helpful and friendly service. Competitive rate and got over asking price. Good communication throughout the sale process and we had offers in days for the unit.

John Zelling  04-18-2017

I loved working with Lara Cox. I didn't know anything about buying a house & she helped me through every process. She was so cheerful and SO SMART, she made everything a pleasure. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying a house. I'm going to miss my constant communication with her.

Diane Menke  03-02-2017

Great workman's manner. Lara Cox and Team Heidel did an excellent job. Fully knowledgeable professional workers, They go the extra mile and if I ask any favors of Lara, she helped with out any questions, We love Lara dearly. We recommend her to anyone who buying property and I will work with Lara again on next property. She is my agent!

Young Kim  02-22-2017


I used Team Heidel for my first home purchase in Las Vegas. My experience was absolutely amazing; so for my second home purchase there was no question on who I was going to use. I even used a different realtor for my second home and I have to say that I will now never use another company. These woman are truly wonderful human beings with amazing work ethic and hearts. I never had to ask twice. I am a real client and these are my words! Everyone should use this company.

Stacy Sykora  02-13-2017

Lara helped me at every step of the process - there wasn't a question I asked that she didn't help me answer with a sense of urgency. This was my second home purchase and I feel like she went above and beyond anything I could have imagine. There wasn't an issue or question that I could come up with that she didn't have experience handling or know of an expert to assist me to complete my home purchase. Even post-sell she is still helping me with contacts and questions. Highly recommend.

Amanda Orosco  02-06-2017

Had the pleasure of working with Juliana as our agent twice now. She is very responsible and professional. Looking forward to working on more deals with her and her broker.

Xiaojing Bright  01-18-2017


Juliana was very accommodating, responsive, and helpful in the entire process. It was my first time buying and she made the process easy from showings to close.

Leilani Ho  01-08-2017